We put soil first. Our Active fertilizer is engineered with a 5-in-1 solution to feed the earth and your plants, which means your perennials, turf and trees get more than a quick meal. They get better growth today and tomorrow.

This Stuff Works Hard.

We put Upcycle to the test. Here’s how our Active fertilizer compares to the passive ones*

*Based on independent tests.
  • 20% more carbon sequestration
  • 18% more root size
  • 5% more root density
  • Identical greening

And microbial responses that logged

  • 11,000% increase in Pseudomonas the “Most Favored Bioinoculant” (plant antibiotic and regulates plant growth)
  • 380% increase in stress adaptation
  • 99% reduction in major diseases
  • 16% increase in zinc mobilization
  • 144% increase in breakdown of heavy metals

All while reducing harmful climate change emissions up to 80%, cutting water use 25%, and cutting your long-term fertilizer use up to 25%.

Active What?

Yep. You read it right. Active is more than plant food and more than sustainable. It feeds the soil first, improving it with every use. And better soil means fewer products, less water, and more output.

Sustainable Because
It's Made That Way

With Upcycle Active Fertilizer you turn your garden into a tool for change. On top of regenerating the soil, our fertilizer cuts down water use, sequesters carbon, reduces nitrogen pollution, upcycles organic waste and food scraps, and reduces runoff. If that’s not sustainable, we don’t know what is.

You Get Out What You Put In.

That’s why our Active fertilizer is designed to do as much good for the soil as it does for your groundcover. Three types of organic waste matter re-stabilize the environment; amino acids and carbohydrates feed beneficial microbes while preventing leaching and runoff; upcycled food waste provides essential nutrients robust plants need. It’s a 5-in-1 solution with no fillers or added chemicals to get better growth with every use.

“Upcycle takes a carbon resource which was previously disposed of and turns it into something we can use beneficially in soil.”

Tim Jacobsen
Senior Agronomist
Center for Irrigation Technology, Fresno State

Upcycle Active Fertilizer

Upcycle is more than plant food, and more than a sustainable solution. It’s Active—an entirely new category of fertilizer that does as much good for the ground as it does for your turf, trees, crops, and home garden.

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