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Sustainability meets performance

Using conventional fertilizers often results in nitrogen runoff, which is wasteful and contributes to problems like soil depletion, contaminated waterways, and biodiversity loss. When compared to conventional and even certified organic fertilizers, our Native Soil Fertilizer achieves the same level of plant greening with 7 times less nitrogen.

Less water, more green

Independent tests from Fresno State University showed Native Soil Fertilizer performed as well as conventional fertilizers but reduced water usage by 15 percent, saving money and precious resources.

Not just nutrients

For exceptional, long-lasting results, you need to feed the soil, not just the plant. Yet most conventional fertilizers are just nutrients for plant growth. Our Native Soil Fertilizer goes beyond nutrients alone, including organic matter and carbon for holistic, long-term soil health.

Graphic showing native soil fertilizer adding nutrients to a growing plant

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