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At Upcycle and Company we make fertilizer and feed people sustainably while protecting the earth’s ecosystems. Sustainable agriculture is about completing our consumption cycle, shortening the supply chain for raw materials, and offering lower priced products. We’re taking a wasteful market and making it anything but that. We’re growing a whole new economy. We’re literally completing the ecosphere by placing an ecological keystone in the sustainable cycle.

Native Soil, by Upcycle & Co, is a sustainably-produced fertilizer sourced from materials that would otherwise overcrowd our shrinking landfills. Made from local natural waste, its nutrient-rich features are better for the environment than those granted the USDA “Certified Organic” label. With a broad range of application for all vegetables, flowers, and shrubs it has 50% more available nutrients than comparable organic fertilizer at 25% less cost.

Jared Criscuolo

A superhero who doesn’t wear his cape, founder Jared Criscuolo is a seasoned entrepreneur and environmental activist focused on solving environmental problems with business solutions.

Previous experience includes sales of investment products with UBS and Morgan Stanley and renewable energy systems with Solar City and Southwest Solar Systems – he knows his business sector.

Based in Southern California, Jared is a known expert in the field who has been interviewed by local, regional and national outlets regarding food production, sustainability in the food chain and why all-natural products are better for the environment.

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