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I used Upcycle for my urban garden this year and literally my tomatoes are out of control. Never seen them grow like this before!

Jered C.

Results You Can Feel Good About

Photograph of a flower growing

Independent tests comparing conventional synthetic fertilizer with Upcycle Native Soil Fertilizer showed that Upcycle:

Used 15% less water

Used 7x less nitrogen

Achieved same levels of greening & growth

My winter crops have never been happier! This is the best fertilizer I have ever used.

Ashley B.

Waste Not, Grow A Lot

We believe in putting waste to work, so we reuse three different kinds of organic matter to create our fertilizer.

By gathering leftover nutrients discarded by humans, we can return them to the soil to enrich it and continue the growing cycle.

Infographic showing beer grains, class A EQ biosolids, and blue-green algae

Anyone serious about growing anything at home should be using Native Soil Fertilizer.

Cathy B.

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