Growing Up

Thank you for grabbing your report on how to grow bushels of food in a tiny space. Because your space is small one key to a healthy garden is using the right soil amendments so that your growing material is nutrient rich. This can compensate for non-ideal sunlight or poor growing soil.

Native Soil is a sustainably sourced all purpose fertilizer made from naturally organic matter. Every bag is upcycled with a conscience and brimming with eagerness to grow tasty and bountiful crops. We’re hell-bent on perfection when it comes to purity, pH, nutrient density, and composting quality of our non-chemical soil builder. So whether you’re an upcycling newbie or a composting junkie, you can feel good knowing every scoop is solid.

  • Slow Release Blend Delivers Vital Nutrients Plants Need While Rebuilding Soil For The Future
  • 50 Percent More Available Nutrients Than Comparable Organic Fertilizer at 25 Percent Less Cost
  • Locally Sourced and Locally Made in Southern California
  • Powered Fertilizer Feeds Hungry Plants Faster
  • No Fillers. No Chemicals. No Kidding.

Still Throwing Away Money on Certified Organic?

Did you know there are over 20 pesticide chemicals commonly used to grow and process organic crops? In some cases, organic farming requires up to 20x more pesticides per acre than conventional farming. All those extra chemicals mean more runoff and more environmental pollution. And that doesn’t sit well with us.