Feed your soil.
Not just your plants.

We didn’t just improve fertilizer. We reinvented the category. Upcycle Active Fertilizer sustainably regenerates, conditions, and improves the earth with every use. By feeding the soil first, you can grow better plants today and tomorrow.

This Stuff Works Hard.

We put Upcycle to the test. Here’s how our Active fertilizer compares to the passive ones*

*Based on independent tests.
  • 20% more carbon sequestration
  • 18% more root size
  • 5% more root density
  • Identical greening

And microbial responses that logged

  • 11,000% increase in Pseudomonas the “Most Favored Bioinoculant” (plant antibiotic and regulates plant growth)
  • 380% increase in stress adaptation
  • 99% reduction in major diseases
  • 16% increase in zinc mobilization
  • 144% increase in breakdown of heavy metals

All while reducing harmful climate change emissions up to 80%, cutting water use 25%, and cutting your long-term fertilizer use up to 25%.


Active is Better than Passive

Passive fertilizer is temporary food that leaves the earth depleted. Active fertilizer works by reconditioning the soil, feeding your plants above the ground while also creating a healthy ecosystem below.

Passive Feeds The Problem. Active Feeds The Earth

That’s why the same things that make Upcycle Active Fertilizer good for plants also reduce carbon emissions, save water, and lower nitrogen pollution. You get better growth while keeping your junk out of the environment’s trunk.

tomato close up

well kept lawn with trees

Soil that’s here for a long time, not a good time.

We believe that better soil today means healthier plants tomorrow. So we went beyond the traditional nutrients and included amino acids, carbohydrates, organic matter, and carbon in our fertilizer to promote soil health every time you use it.

BTW, we also grow great plants.

That’s because we treat the cause, not the symptom. Traditional soils are a lot like headache meds. At first you need a quick fix. But after time, you need more and more to stop the headache. Same goes for the ground. Fixing the soil means less dependency on chemicals, which means less leaching, which means less runoff, which means less carbon emission. And did we mention the better growing plants?

pumpkins from above

Upcycle Active Fertilizer

Upcycle is more than plant food, and more than a sustainable solution. It’s Active—an entirely new category of fertilizer that does as much good for the ground as it does for your turf, trees, crops, and home garden.

bag of fertilizer with white background