More Than Plant Food. More Than Sustainable. This is Active Fertilizer.

We’re here to make things better. To push things forward. To make positive progress, not negative impact.
The result of our mission is a product that not only grows plants, but regenerates, conditions, and improves the earth with every use. That’s the benchmark of Active fertilizer—the first of its kind and the last you’ll ever need.


The Idea: Grow Better

Raised by a family of avid gardeners, founder and CEO Jared Criscuolo has green in his genes. He founded Upcycle & Co. with the idea that we can grow better, and that the best way we can enact change is to start at the source: the ground.

That’s why our Active fertilizer replenishes and feeds the soil first. Because better soil means better plant growth today and tomorrow.

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close up image of many eggplants



Doing good for the planet is a fulltime job. So we created a fertilizer that works 24/7. By turning methane-producing waste into fertilizer, we simultaneously reduce carbon emissions and put vital plant nutrients back in the ground every time you use it. It’s better for growth no matter how you sow the soil.


The Best Way To Move Forward is to Stay Put

Everything we do is locally based around our Southern California supply chain. There’s no sourcing from overseas, no mining, no ecologically destructive shipping. It’s all done right here at home. Plus, our manufacturing process uses 100% renewable energy, cutting up to 80% of the emissions related to traditional fertilizer manufacturing. Take that climate change.

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1% for the planet

As members of 1% for the planet, we donate one percent of our sales to environmental non-profits.