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Native Soil

Doing It Locally Means
Doing it Right

We locally source and prepare the nutrients in Native Soil just like farmers did it in the old days. We don’t steal from the earth. We don’t ship from far away. We do it right. Because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Credit Your Nutrient Deficit

Vibrant plants need a handful of specific nutrients to feed hearty people— things like Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur. Native Soil provides all these nutrients.

Nitrogen 5.5% | Available Phosphate 4.5%  
Potassium 0.4% | Iron 1.5%
Calcium 2.2%

Better Than Organic

Organic fertilizers aren’t always chemical-free or effective. And conventional fertilizer companies mine these nutrients tens of thousands of miles away. Then they ship them on boats, trains and trucks. It’s expensive. It pumps pollution into the planet. It damages local environments and societies. And we have a big problem with that. Native Soil is a future-friendly fertilizer that uses upcycled waste products to create soil with a soul.

Give Soil a Soul

At Upcycle and Co we make fertilizer and feed people sustainably while protecting the earth’s ecosystems. Sustainable agriculture is about completing our consumption cycle, shortening the supply chain for raw materials and offering lower-priced products.

Every year in the U.S., millions of tons of nutrients and biomass that could be sustainably sourced within a few hours’ drive are underutilized or discarded because they are considered waste. Despite this, over 70% of the nutrients used to make fertilizer are mined and shipped tens of thousands of miles around the globe from Canada, Russia, Belarus, the United States, China, India and back. Fertilizer production is a massive logistics and hedging operation, not a business of sustainably growing hearty soil, plants and people.

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Upcycle and Company Team

Native Soil was the soilution

Jared R Criscuolo – CEO and Founder
3x entrepreneur and environmental activist focused on solving environmental problems with business solutions. Previous experience includes sales of investment products with UBS and Morgan Stanley, renewable energy systems with Solar City and Southwest Solar Systems.

James J Griffin – Director of Marketing and Business Development
 Entrepreneurially minded self-starter who creates and streamlines Upcycle’s marketing strategy and content, digital marketing channels, ad campaigns, including lowering Upcycle’s CPC from over $2 to as low as $0.12. Previous experience in a diverse range of shifting investment environments including distressed real estate, commercial/agricultural M&A, development and secondary market acquisitions.
Griffin-Linkedin-Headshot - Edited
Melissa Blaser – Creative Director/Copywriter
 Melissa developed the entire written aspect of Upcycle, including naming and brand development, create an ownable brand voice and wrote all packaging copy, website copy and consumer-facing materials. She worked closely with our Art Director/Designer to bring it all to life.

Elina Frumerman Art Director/Photography
Elina developed the entire brand and design elements of Upcycle, including brand guidelines, packaging, website and print assets, consumer-facing materials, and photographic assets on the package and website. She worked closely with our Creative Director/Copywriter to bring it all to life.


Future Friendly Fertilizer