Cultivate Happier Childhoods for your Fruit and Veggies

Welcome to 2019, let’s make it a year of health, self sufficiency, and more time outside! Whether you live in a small apartment or have a sprawling backyard, gardening is a meaningful way to commit to your health, happiness, and be self sufficient. As we start the new year, our blog will focus on all things gardening. We’ll offer fun DIY options, and if you’re tight on time or not feeling terribly crafty we’ll include some quick and easy products that we like to keep your garden green and veggies vibrant.

We’re going to get you started with the basics of how to build your garden, then every week we’ll walk you through a variety of things you can do to make your garden experience unique, fun, and the talk of your neighborhood and IG feed! Whether this is your first foray or you’ve got more seasons under your belt than LA has traffic jams we hope to share something that will make you a more confident and productive gardener.

The first step is finding your space.  Gardens need 3 key elements – sunlight, water, and soil. Seems simple enough, but most gardeners fail because they unknowingly aren’t giving their garden consistent sunlight, water, and quality soil. The sun exudes different levels of intensity and energy over the course of a day. In order to grow, flower, and produce properly, plants need to experience as much of the sun’s daily journey as possible. You want your garden to be south facing without any trees, buildings, or other structures casting a shadow on your plants. Apartment balconies are a little different, so we’ll touch on them in future posts.  

For now, start thinking about where in your yard you’d like to break ground, and check back next week for tips on how to find your sunny space, watering, soil, and keeping pests and critters at bay!

Happy Gardening!

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