Wastewater Facts

Where does water that goes down the drain go? Wastewater facts.

Native Soil by Upcycle is fairly novel in the fertilizer space since it uses nothing but upcycled waste materials to create the potent blend of nutrients. One of the largest waste sources comes from wastewater treatment facilities. Every drop of water that goes down the drain ends up at one of these facilities. The general public doesn’t have a clear picture of what takes place at wastewater facilities. Here are some wastewater facts to stoke the conversation.

Interesting Wastewater Facts

  • In San Diego, a single wastewater facility on Point Loma processes more than 175 million gallons of wastewater each and every day.
  • California has more than 900 wastewater facilities operating 7 days a week.
  • Californians produce 4 Billion gallons of wastewater every day.
  • 20% of the planet’s wastewater is treated properly at present. As low as 8% in the poorest nations.
  • American’s produce 34 billion gallons of wastewater daily.

Wastewater facts allow Upcycle to tackle the wastewater issueThe world produces a tremendous amount of wastewater. The numbers are really quite staggering. Most of this wastewater is treated, separated from solids and then released back into the local watershed.

Upcycle believes in putting waste to work. We take Grade A (Exceptional Quality) biosolids that would otherwise end up in landfills out of state as the basis of the Native Soil fertilizer blend. At Upcycle, we believe in knowing the proper wastewater facts. We know that many people remain uninformed when it comes to wastewater treatment.

Help us put waste to work. Find your soil mate.

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